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Eco-friendly new years resolutions

Happy new year!  

It’s officially 2024 and with that we are one year closer to our Carbon Neutral Nottingham target year of 2028. We often think of new years resolutions being focused on healthy eating and exercise, but with ever increasing coverage of the impacts of global heating caused by the climate crisis, now is the time to set your new years resolution to decrease your carbon emissions!  We all have a role to play in achieving CN28 and we all have something to gain by finding more sustainable ways to live and work.  

Below is a list of simple resolutions you could adopt to make your work life a little bit more sustainable and help Nottingham achieve our CN28 goal.  

Travel more sustainably

I will travel to work, or to a meeting, using sustainable transport (such as cycling or public transport) where I would normally use my car.  

Remember your reusables

I will remember to bring my reusable mug/cup/bottle into work and not buy a new disposable one.

Cater more sustainably 

When booking catering at work I will opt for vegan catering or sustainable catering.  

Unplug your devices

I will switch off my devices at the plug socket each night and when I am not using them.

Further your understanding of climate change

I will complete the ‘Tackling Climate Change’ e-learning on the learning zone.  

Speak up

I will talk to my manager about ways we can make our work more sustainable and what changes we can make to our team. 


By taking small actions in our daily lives we can all contribute and make a difference to our own carbon emissions, and the overall emissions of our city. This will help get us closer towards making Nottingham a carbon neutral city by 2028.